Saturday, June 23, 2007

Who Are All These People?

When I go to a store in the middle of a weekday and it's crowded, often I wonder who all the people are. But I have discovered something relevant on the Department of Labor's web site:

Only 66% of people in US over the age of 16 work!

That's who all these people are---the 34% of the population that is not working!

Mystery sort of solved.

Now why are they not working? That's the other part of the mystery. I did find some answers in Why Aren't You Working? If I run through the people that I know that might account for the 34%*, I know a lot of folks home with babies, some home with older kids, some on disability, and some retired. And then there's the folks working non-traditional schedules: some who work the night shift, some working part-time, and many self-employed.

So I just need to move on and deal with crowds.

*In this post, I'm using "work" as the Department of Labor uses it, which means you need to derive an income. But I do think staying home with kids is work. I think keeping a house running is work.