Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Who Are Your Heroes? What Are Your Hobbies?

Our heroes and hobbies are often thought to give a glimpse into our inner worlds. But I've often been totally flummoxed when asked who my heroes are. I just don't have any (John Lewis, maybe?) My husband doesn't have any either. And when we've asked friends who their heroes are, they can't quite seem to come up with any names either (or they name superheroes).

And hobbies? What's hobby? Is it only done in my spare time? So then is writing a hobby? I do it for money, but sometimes I do it for free. Is hiking a hobby? I actually think it's necessary in order for me to work well. What about gardening? Maybe that's my hobby.

It turns out that both heroes and hobbies are notions influenced by what generation you belong to described at Generations at Work. Generation X tends not to have heroes; Baby Boomers have heroes. And Generation X tends to work to live (considering hobbies part of their lives and not separate entities) while Baby Boomers tend to live to work (and love it).