Thursday, July 05, 2007


Periodically, I like to post a job ad here and then make snide comments about it in parentheses. This habit does not demonstrate my positive nature nor my love for corporate America. I'm sorry about that, but I feel I must. I have edited the job ad so that it mentions no names, and I've bolded some key parts, and then there are my (snide comments). The punchline is the last sentence, and the title.

Technical Copy Editor part-time, work from home
Organization Description: X is headquartered in Y, with an additional facility in India. (My ears perk up when I hear about any facilities in India, because from an editorial point of view, the work is often riddled with mistakes. I've always assumed that this was because the workers in India had insane productivity rules and didn't necessarily write in textbook American English.)

Job Responsibilities:
• We are seeking talented copy editors to work from home a minimum of 20 hours each week to copyedit physics journal articles (I'm not actually a copyeditor, but a technical editor, but sometimes people don't know the difference, and I need the work, so I'll keep reading.)
• The hours are flexible but need to be spread evenly over the work week e.g., 3-4 hours daily for 5-6 days each week (6 days a week is sort interesting as an expectation, but with a facility in India that runs nonstop, I suppose that's how they handle it.)

Preferred Background:
• Applicants should have previous experience copyediting, working with authors, and making author corrections (Yes, I have a decade of that)
• Experience editing in an electronic environment is essential (Yes, of course it is.)
• Knowledge of physics is NOT a requirement (Now that's pretty odd. It's actually a really bad idea to copyedit something when you know nothing about it.)
• We prefer applicants who do not plan to work full-time in addition to our job (How nice for you.)

Salary: $10.40-$12.00 per hour depending on experience (Lovely. See standard rates for copyediting and note the higher side because it's technical work. So basically what this company has done is define the task in such a way as to justify paying this wage, which is less than half what it should be. )