Thursday, July 12, 2007

Made in China School Supplies

Just in case you actually thought I read two hundred papers a day in search of "Made in China" news items, I'll let you know that I set up an "alert" in google and yahoo, so I get a summary of relevant news items. And, of course, people seem to send me lots of things too. Not actual gifts, mind you. Just news articles.

Here's a good article on school supplies that are Made in China, which addresses an issue I don't tackle too often: children. The results of a Made in China search of school supplies? Crayola crayons, Jansport backpacks, TI-89 calculators. All made in China. Oh, who is surprised anymore?

That leads me to the next China article, Chinese Buyers Beware. Guess who is really not surprised by all the Chinese recalls? The Chinese people. They've had to deal with these problems for years.