Sunday, July 01, 2007

Fake Green Stuff

I'm sort of disgusted with the promotion of high-end products with the label of "green." It seems like just another marketing campaign, and most of it isn't green. Is it green to have rubber flown from Britain to China and stitched by low-paid Chinese into recycled shoes? No. It's stupid. What about a high-priced bag to shop for groceries? If it's stitched by low-paid workers in China and then flown to Britain, it's not green. It's stupid.

Buying into the Green Movement has some great quotes from on the utter stupidity of "green consumption" from Paul Hawken:

Paul Hawken, an author and longtime environmental activist, said the current boom in earth-friendly products offers a false promise. “Green consumerism is an oxymoronic phrase,” he said. He blamed the news media and marketers for turning environmentalism into fashion and distracting from serious issues.

“We turn toward the consumption part because that’s where the money is,” Mr. Hawken said. “We tend not to look at the ‘less’ part. So you get these anomalies like 10,000-foot ‘green’ homes being built by a hedge fund manager in Aspen. Or ‘green’ fashion shows. Fashion is the deliberate inculcation of obsolescence.”

He added: “The fruit at Whole Foods in winter, flown in from Chile on a 747 — it’s a complete joke. The idea that we should have raspberries in January, it doesn’t matter if they’re organic. It’s diabolically stupid.”
It is indeed diabolically stupid. It's not green. Buy produce locally, not from Chile (unless you live in Chile). Buy your clothes from places in your country that don't use sweat-shop labor. Or make your own. Or buy used. Consumerism is not the solution to the environmental crises. It's a big part of the cause.