Sunday, July 15, 2007

Generation Y in the Workplace

I'm trying to write more about generational differences in the workplace. Many of the questions people send me and stories people tell me seem to hint at fairly significant differences in attitudes and experiences of work based on generation. It's not the only frame to look at workplace differences, but it's an interesting one.

A few articles on Generation Y were recently brought to my attention.

In Bosses Dodge Gen Y Bother, we learn that in a survey of small- to medium-sized Australian employers of Gen Y's:

  • Employers were not satisfied with spelling and grammar of Gen Y's or their understanding of "appropriate corporate behavior"; and
  • Employers thought Gen Y's were more demanding in terms of asking for a raise or getting high-tech equipment.
In What Gen Y Really Wants, we learn that:

  • Gen Y wants to spend work time in meaningful ways;
  • More than half of Gen Y live at home post-degree and may have more room to choose a job based on criteria other than salary;
  • Gen Y wants jobs to allow for personal growth; and
  • Gen Y considers working with friends to be very important.