Monday, July 30, 2007

Googling Your Future Boss

One of the decent tips from the Etiquette Tips was to google any future boss. And although it feels a bit creepy at first to some of us, I think it's worth knowing the sorts of information that are out there regarding a future boss (and future employer). Some questions to investigate:

How many places is your boss associated with?
Has she had lots and lots of jobs? Or just one for years and years?
Can you find a basic profile on linkedin?
Is this someone who has a lot of volunteer affiliations? Which ones?

None of this is to suggest that all of the information you can google is factually accurate and necessarily relatable to your boss. But it is information, and that can often illuminate your future boss and workplace. We often enter new jobs almost blind. I think that's not a great idea for long-term happiness in the workplace.

Please suggest other google-able facts in comments and we'll make a more complete list here.