Friday, July 27, 2007

Leader? Independent Thinker? Loyal and Reliable?

If you identify with those words, you're in good company. This is the sort of research results that make me cringe:

Most Americans think of themselves as leaders (71%) and believe they are well-informed about current events (81%). They almost unanimously view themselves as independent thinkers (95%), and as loyal and reliable people (98%). They also say they are able to easily adapt to changes and a whopping four out of five people believe they are making a positive difference in the world. Two out of three adults noted that they like to be in control of situations.

Well informed about current events? Good Lord in Heavens Above. Independent Thinkers? Really? Read the full report at American Individualism Shines Through.

On a totally separate note, a chipmunk just tried to scale my leg. Aeee! The trials and tribulations of blogging while in the Sierras.