Saturday, July 07, 2007

Movie Review: Idiocracy

If you've ever worried that culture in the United States was rapidly declining due to corporate takeover, you might enjoy Idiocracy, Mike Judge's futuristic farce about time travel to 2505.

In 2505, Costco's message from greeters upon entering the store is, "Welcome to Costco. I love you," and the slogan for Carl's Junior has evolved to "Fuck you. I'm eating." Fox News is particularly funny in its evolution to toilet humor and half-dressed newscasters. Wait, wait. Is that evolution? Or just the present state of affairs?

Now, I've noticed that my parents find this sort of humor distinctly unfunny, so it's possible that there is a generational split here on how much satire one likes in a movie. This is not gentle chiding; this is a portrait of commercialism to excess and it's downright painful because so much of it is just about true today. But if you've ever wondered just how many brand names one person should be exposed to, you'll enjoy the whole movie where water has been replaced by a gatorade-like substance. And if you've ever put off having children (or can't), you'll enjoy the first five minutes especially if you don't die laughing first.

We rented this on Netflix, but it's not widely available even though it came out at the end of 2006. For some reason, the studio, Fox, didn't want to make it commercially successful, and so made no trailers, released no copies to critics, and only showed it in seven cities. Hmm.