Saturday, July 07, 2007

Movie Review: Outfoxed

Outfoxed tells you what you probably already know. Fox "News" isn't news; it's propaganda. But how much of the details do you know? For example, did you know that Fox sends a company-wide memo about what issue to stress each day? The message is then picked up by radio and spread throughout the country. Did you notice that Fox anchors use, "Some people say..." to insert their own opinion into a "story"? "Some people say" that's editorializing. Ha. Did you know that stories are completely fabricated? There's a great example with Ronald Reagan's birthday and his library. There was no birthday party, but the story is on masses of people gathering at the library in Reagan's honor. And did you know that anchors appear to totally and outright lie? And then there's the theme of fear, constant fear, we're all going to die! But most distressing is that a number of Fox policies have been picked up by other networks.

What can you do to combat the lack of actual journalism on the news? When you hear or see biased reporting, write a letter to the network to complain and say you're not going to watch their station anymore. The entire system depends on viewer apathy. There are other good suggestions in the film.