Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Poems, Size, and No Agents

So here are a few thoughts about the Squaw Poetry workshop at the mid-week point:

1. We workshop a new poem each day. It is so useful to get positive feedback on what works in a first draft. We've also been reading out poems to each other at night in our respective houses (see view from house) over a bit of wine (and I do mean a bit).

2. The program is small, around 65 participants, and we workshop with different people each day until we've workshopped with everyone after seven days. Exhausting? Yes. But it sure makes for a community feel and a chance to hear 64 other poets.

3. The lack of agents is awesome. I don't object to agents in principle, but the presence of agents makes writers crazy. People think, even in the back of their minds, that they are going to be discovered. And that makes them crazy. No agents, no craziness (at least of that variety).

4. People think I'm really funny, so I'm not going to be funny in my poem today, just as an exercise in using language differently.

5. No one seems to be blogging from the conference or understand my need for email. I bought some wireless access in the Squaw Valley, and simply the fact that I did this blows people's minds.