Monday, July 09, 2007

Oh My God!

The Barna Report discovered that Catholics have become mainstream!*

Catholics Have Become Mainstream America
Do you remember when Catholics were a distinct segment of America, and many people wondered what to make of them? Those days are long gone, according to the latest Barna survey. Catholics are not only the largest denominational group in the U.S., but are now part of the social mainstream. The survey explored 97 facets of the lives of Catholics and compared them to national norms. The outcome is striking - and, in some cases, disturbing.
Love the alarmist tone. The Catholics are coming! The Catholics are coming!

You'll want to read the whole article because I learned that 1. Catholics look at more Internet porn than Protestants, 2. They also swear more and 3. recycle more. 4. They buy more lottery tickets too.

*Ms. Theologian is married to a former Catholic. She also taught at a Catholic School. She is also very into liberation theology, which originated in Catholicism (though is not necessarily sanctioned by the Pope). How "mainstream" of her. Who knew.