Monday, July 09, 2007

Reuters Acts as Sprint's Spokesperson

So after Juffie's comment about coordination of news by media, I decided to look at watch Reuters a bit more closely. GhostGirl just provided the opportunity with a link she sent to Sprint Ditches Customers Who Complain Too Much. Go ahead and read the article first.

Now that you've read it, here's what I found interesting:

1. All quotes in the article were from Sprint
2. No customers dropped by Sprint were interviewed.
3. It's not clear exactly what constitutes a "complaint" according to Sprint, so it's hard to see how legitimate their policy of dropping 1000 people was. No doubt those 1000 people cost Sprint money because they called more often than other customers. Actually, they do say these customers called 40-50 times more frequently. Now I've called my phone company 1 time in 8 years. If I called 40 times in 8 years, that's only 5 times a year. Not that extraordinary.
4. The word "complaint" has a number of negative connotations when essentially it seems that we're talking about any call to customer service. Is it possible that people had a legitimate "complaint"?

This is not actual journalism. This is taking a press release from Sprint and rewording it. Way to go, Reuters.