Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Setting the Email Vacation Setting

I'm reflecting on the best email vacation setting. This seems to be entirely individual, given your own preferences, needs, and those of the job as well.

I used to set a vacation email auto-reply that said when I was gone and would return. As a freelancer, this resulted in the work being handed to someone else. Bad. You'd think people would just wait, but um nope.

Then I moved to a vacation email auto-reply that said when I would return AND gave my cell phone number for work contacts. This also resulted in work going elsewhere. Bad.

I've been experimenting with just checking email on vacation. That seems to work best for times when I can check once a day as I did last week. I can respond as I did to a couple offers of work, revise articles if need be, and I can ignore email that can wait.

How do you set your email when you're on vacation? What works best for you and why?