Friday, July 13, 2007

A Workspace that Represents Admirable Values

The Quakers have greened their building in D.C. so that it represents their value of ending dependence on foreign oil. The renovated building includes:

  • A green roof that absorbs rain runoff and decreases the building's heat island effect; the roof is landscaped with low-maintenance sedum plants that do not require irrigation
  • A south-facing, glass-faced, copper-sheathed light scoop on the roof that captures natural light and conveys it downward into the three floors of the building's central core through glass block floor panels
  • A geothermal system that uses 10 wells, each 350 feet deep with contained piping that delivers non-fluorocarbon fluid at a constant 55 degrees F for the building’s heating-cooling system
  • Natural materials for the interior, including bamboo flooring throughout the building; wood trim from certified, sustainably harvested beech and maple; and recycled acoustic ceiling tiles and carpets
  • Energy-efficient windows made of low-emissive glass that allow light into the building while insulating against heat and cold.

Via Treehugger