Monday, July 16, 2007

A Year Without Made in China

I've found that on the No China Diet two things have happened: 1. I buy far less in general. 2. I research what I buy.

In U.S. Family Tries Living Without China, Sara Bongiorni describes life without Chinese goods similarly:

For all of 2005, minor purchases required dogged detective work as Bongiorni
scoured catalogues and read labels. She repeatedly struck out trying to buy inexpensive shoes for her son, and even the chic local boutique that sold fancy European labels had gone out of business. So she shelled out $68 for Italian sneakers from a catalogue.

Broken appliances gathered dust because the spare parts came from China. And, with the Asian country having a near lock on the toy aisles, her 4-year-old son grew tired of taking Danish-made Legos to birthday parties as gifts.

Sara Bongiorni describes more of her life in her book A Year Without 'Made in China'