Thursday, August 23, 2007

10 Mistakes When Hiring a Consultant

The Top 10 Mistakes When Hiring a Consultant certainly covers the major snafus in client-consultant relationships. As the client, you'll want to have the consultant sign a contract that clearly describes the project as well, how the consultant will help, and, of course, you'll want a signed confidentiality agreement. Indeed, I've signed so many that I basically never blog about my own work. At least not recent work.

Guidelines for Hiring Consultant is equally, if not more helpful, since it's worded positively. This particular site stresses the importance of describing your goals, assessing your needs, and then finding someone who can help you specifically with that. Certainly this is wise advice because often consultants are brought in to save the company or project and "saving" is often an impossibly complicated task for one person. I try not to take projects in which I'm asked to do unreasonable things or treated like Christ (She's here! The Consultant! Save Us!). It's creepy for one thing, and I'm destined to fail. I wish I could call a specific example to mind but the protective psyche seems to have blocked that. No doubt it's a confidential memory anyway.