Friday, August 17, 2007

Advice for Cubemates to Coughers

Cary Tennis gives workplace advice in Cougher in the Office for someone who sits near a serial cougher (hack, hack, hack). Basically, Tennis stresses compassion and empathy for others, particularly those who can't control their coughing, as well as looking at the bigger picture (which will become one of my themes today):

And does it not move us to consider the workplace itself, that hell of immobility, that sacred space underneath the courts of power where invisible lines of authority grip us, mute us, hold us bound in our chairs, where those "in the know" interpret visions and e-mails into a kind of gospel they believe will save them ... from ... what? The inexorable depredations of capital? Hardly!
I think it's a prose poem. I love how Tennis writes.