Friday, August 10, 2007

Becoming Whole at Work

I just came across a great essay by Parker Palmer in Yes! Magazine called A Life Lived Whole. Palmer writes of how we allow our personalities to become fractured and torn at work. I've called this "compartmentalization" before, as it's called in organizational theory. It's the belief that we work best when we divide our lives into parts, splitting off parts of ourselves to leave at home and not bring to work (and vice versa). Like many thinkers about the workplace, Palmer believes that compartmentalization, that is, becoming divided, separates ourselves from our true nature:

...every time we get in touch with the truth source we carry within, there is net moral gain for all concerned. Even if we fail to follow its guidance fully, we are nudged a bit further in that direction. And the next time we are conflicted between inner truth and outer reality, it becomes harder to forget or deny that we have an inner teacher who wants to lay a claim on our lives.

Please read A Life Lived Whole. It's the best article I've come across in a while.