Friday, August 10, 2007

Cocaine Use At Work Supposedly Down

I grew up during a time when national drug education policies had me convinced that if I used cocaine I was going to bleed out through my nose, hallucinate that snakes invaded every orifice of my body, and, then, thankfully, die. This misinformation was part of the Scare America's Children Silly Campaign about Drugs and Sex. As a result, I was a drug-free virgin until age 25 when I got really high during that orgy and discovered that Nancy Reagan lied to me.

Seriously, excluding people I know who are in the Hollywood producing scene, I don't know a lot of people my age who have used cocaine, but, boy oh boy, the generation above and below, they seem to love the stuff. All the time. As much as they can get. And certainly at work. Clearly they were not part of the Scare America's Children Silly Campaign.*

But have their habits changed? Cocaine use at work is down signficantly. The Office of National Drug Control Policy reports this fact: Recent intelligence reports of cocaine supply shortages reflected in unprecedented reductions in employee drug test positives. So, let's be clear: it's not that less people have decided to use cocaine at work. It's that there is a shortage of cocaine in the marketplace.

*Note that I'm not actually saying that Baby Boomers and Generation Y are cocaine fiends. However, there are some definite generational attitudes towards drugs. And The Scare American's Children Silly Campaign was oddly effective in its own way.