Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Do you like pina coladas?

It is not uncommon for a boss to find a current employee's resume on-line. It's also not uncommon for a boss to have current employees apply for a job advertised in a blind ad. How to Minimize the Chances Your Boss Will Know You're Looking suggests quite a few tips to avoid showing your hand:

  • block your company and any affiliates from viewing your resume on career sites, if that's an option;
  • keep your name, address, and current job confidential on career sites, if that's an option;
  • avoid wearing interview attire to work, if work is casual;
  • conduct all correspondence from home;
  • use your personal email and home phone on your resume; and
  • photocopy and fax resumes from Kinko's or home, not work.
Inconvenient? Yes, but not as inconvenient as being fired. I would add that it is difficult to feel good about yourself and your job if you are using your employer's resources during the workday. It's inherently sneaky.