Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dog Days at Work

It's just about the end of the Dog Days of Summer, according to the Book of Common Prayer. It's hot as blazes (my father's expression), and we're given to general crankiness at work. Too much work. Not enough work. Boring work. Fast-pace work. None of it seems quite right.

Before you snark at a coworker, remember that this may be totally normal and part of a natural cycle of increased workplace grumpiness mid-August.* It's the Dog Days of Summer. Take a deep breath. Have a glass of water. Eat some grapes. Take a cold shower. It's almost over (at least in the northern hemisphere). I promise.

*Much like in the New York Times, I've made a phenomenon out of a series of observations of friends and their workplace moods and habits. It's not real journalism, but it is fairly entertaining to some of us.