Sunday, August 26, 2007

Free Yourself from Corporate Power

I've always railed against gross corporate behavior, but it's only recently that I've been making the connection between the upsurge in interest in spirituality in the workplace and the omnipresence of the corporation as the workplace model.

So what I am very deliberately trying to do is shift my financial resources away from many of the sources of corporate power. Other people are doing this too. And the latest issue of Yes! is full of their stories (not currently on-line though).

In Five Ways to Get Free (from corporate power), Catherine Baily in Yes Magazine lists options for food that free yourself from corporate power. She writes:

Most domestic food is grown using GMOs and vast amounts of petroleum. Importing food contributes to global warming.

Good Eat seasonal foods. Buy local/organic.

Better Try the 100-miles diet. Start a garden. Support farmer's markets.

We're trying only to buy produce grown in California, which is notably harder than you might think. Most is shipped elsewhere and not sold locally. Jim also grows some of our food (soybeans, tomatoes, kale, red chard, grapes, herbs) in our garden, and I supplement that with the farmer's market (haul from this morning in photo).

I would love it if people would post their experience with any of these techniques (or others) for food.