Sunday, August 26, 2007

Iceland Ends Commercial Whaling

I've wanted to go to Iceland for a while to check out the geysers (and fairies, obviously), but because of their support of commercial whaling, which I find repugnant, I haven't. But now Iceland has ended commercial whaling.

It will never be reported in the mainstream media that Iceland ended commercial whaling because of a travel boycott or boycott of whale products in general., but indeed I think that's what's happened. In the words of Iceland's fisheries minister:

The whaling industry, like any other industry, has to obey the market. If there is no profitability there is no foundation for resuming with the killing of whales. There is no reason to continue commercial whaling if there is no demand for the product.
Commercial boycotts work when they are employed by a large number of people, just ask French winemakers.