Thursday, August 16, 2007

Voting in the United States

If you're uncomfortable with how votes are tallied in the United States, you probably should be. There is growing evidence that voting machines used by 30% of U.S. voters are not reliable and are easily tampered with.

Diebold, one of the makers of these machines, cannot find a buyer for its company. Apparently the market senses that Diebold has a few issues to iron out:

Diebold and other manufacturers of such voting machines have been hit by criticism that they are unreliable and vulnerable to tampering. Growing unease about the machines in the US has led to a number of delayed orders from states. Diebold said that as a result, its 2007 revenues would fall $120m (£61m).
Writer and grandmother Bev Harris performed some exemplary investigative journalism into very seedy Diebold, which made me wildly uncomfortable with the notion that my vote was counted.