Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Where is Cyrano when you need him?

From Craig's List:

Hello, I am planning a final get-together with my ex-boyfriend in Grand Lake, CO and I really would like to put together a very special letter/poem/ piece of writing that lets him know how much he means to me, even though we are broken up.

I would share with you some pieces of his writing to show you how he thinks and his style and some emails that show our communication and what I would like you to do is essentially ghostwrite a very thoughtful and romantic letter that describes how wonderful he is and how he's touched my life even though we are not together anymore. It can be in the form of a poem, a letter or whatever other creative way you can come up with. I need you to be a very cerebral writer as this man you would be writing to is an intellectual and is very very smart. It also needs to be romantic and very unique though.

I need this to be done by this Thursday. If you are interested, email me and let me know why you are uniquely qualified for this contract job and I will share with you some emails to give you an idea of what to write so that I can get an estimate.

Thanks, R
Location: Grand Lake, CO
Compensation: $15 per hour

First thought: Hey, this reminds me of something I've read...
Second thought: Nice hourly rate.