Thursday, August 30, 2007

Which One of These Is Not Like The Others?

Let's play a quick game. I'll paste in five sequential paragraphs from Gallagher just latest city pol behaving badly, and you tell me which one doesn't belong with the others.

Paragraph One Dennis Gallagher, the Queens councilman recently indicted on charges of raping a 52-year-old grandmother he met at a Middle Village bar, is just the latest in a long line of New York City pols to have been accused of behaving badly.

Paragraph Two At the turn of the last century, a cigar-smoking, hard-drinking, womanizing Tammany insider named Murray Hall was discovered upon death to actually be a woman. When Hall died in 1901, a friend who knew him, er, her, through her work in the State Senate remarked, "A woman? Why, he'd line up to the bar and take his whisky like any veteran, and didn't make faces over it, either."

Paragraph Three Ninety-one years later, Sol Wachlter, chief judge of the state's highest court and a presumed front-runner for the GOP gubernatorial nomination, was busted by the FBI for harassing his ex-mistress after he mailed her threatening letters and sent a condom to her teenage daughter.

Paragraph Four And Gallagher isn't the first City Councilman to get into hot water.

Paragraph Five His former colleague, Allan W. Jennings, was censured for allegedly sexually harassing two female staffers after he ordered one to clean his house and gave another pornography as a present. Jennings also took out an advertisement in a local Chinese-language newspaper professing his love of Asian women.

Via Feministing and AM New York