Saturday, September 15, 2007

CD Release Party

A while ago, Jim and I decided that we would celebrate our artistic successes. It sounds like a little thing, but as artists we found that birthdays and graduations are honored with parties and praise, while artistic accomplishments tend to fall by the wayside unless they result in a corporate financial deal or entanglement. Since that hasn't happened to either of us, and since we don't actively look for corporate relationships, we haven't celebrated often. We're trying to change that.

So today we're having Jim's CD release party, so I'm going to be cooking and hosting, but not blogging. You're welcome to listen along at his web site where he added 20 songs that stream when you load the site. We're starting at 1 p.m. PST, so feel free to play along at home, listen, and drink a beer or lemonade.

My favorite song is the third one on the site, In Abyss, which is an anti-war anthem with sort of a Neil Young spirit. I also like Wanderer's Waltz. And Without a Trace. I'll stop now.