Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Community Champion for $8.75/hour

Some days it's very difficult to find work that affirms the dignity of human beings. An example? Here's the rundown on a "typical day" from a job description for a community champion for a web site (excerpted from Craig's List):

You wake up feeling totally jazzed and alive.

You drive to our office, most likely listening to a great book on CD to keep learning (or great music to get you pumped up).

You get to the office and jump right on the site to see what’s new.

You send several welcome emails, comment on the new posts, and answer people’s questions, all with a great friendly tone and articulate language.

You churn out the messages, and everyone on the site is relieved to have you there, singing your praises. (Someone proposes a parade in your honor, but they’re all talk).

After the morning you look at your notes and talk to the community director about trends on the site, how we can improve the experience and ways we can offer better help.

You head to lunch in the break room, joking around with the crew, laughing so hard that your VitaminWater comes out your nose.

Lunch is making you a bit sleepy, so you go to jump on the mini trampoline for several minutes, perhaps while listening to “Eye of the Tiger” on your ipod.

After an afternoon of more comments and responses, you switch gears and contribute a story about how you overcame what seemed like an impossible situation, balanced by a lighter blog post about when you choked on a tofu skewer and managed to get a date with the person who gave you the Heimlech maneuver.

Midway through writing the story, a crisis comes up. Never one to panic, you stop typing and confidently say, “I’m on it” like you’re Bruce Willis taking on Russian terrorists in Die Hard.

Crisis solved. You shoot off a few emails telling a few friends or colleagues about some posts they might like, and then wrap-up and head home. This time you drive in silence, thinking about the people who are really putting it out there to change their lives... The ones who have had enough, the ones who want more, the ones who are not afraid to create their own happiness, and...all the crazy and wacky ones that every online community has! You laugh to yourself and then think... “How might I help them out tomorrow?”

Are you ready for this? This an opportunity with a high potential to grow. And to grow big, one must start small. Our starting compensation is $1400 per month.

Via LA Observed, but priceless comments on Gawker

It's not a parody. It only reads that way. Good luck creating your own happiness and dignity in Santa Monica on $8.75/hour.