Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Crude Awakening

Last night, Jim and I saw Crude Awakening (available through netflix), which explores the concept of Peak Oil. Now I hadn't heard of peak oil before, which is disturbing in that I majored in earth science, the field that should be discussing this. Peak Oil is the idea that we have discovered most of the oil available to us on earth and that extracting the remaining oil is about to become much more expensive.

What happens when the cost of oil increases? The cost of just about everything increases, including food, gas, and everything plastic, which is petroleum-derived.

For those of us who study workplace issues, the implications of peak oil are significant. We live in a country of suburbs, in which commuting is built into our lives. How do we commute to the workplace if gas is $15/gallon? Will there be a shift toward working at home? What is the tipping point at which it becomes too expensive to drive to work?

Crude Awakening a great geopolitical film, which everyone should see, and it present solutions, including re-localization.