Thursday, September 06, 2007

Greening Your College Workspace

What's the primary workspace for the college students? Why it's the dorm room. And why not have a clean green room that inspires you rather than a gray slovenly pit of despair that many of us lived in (Wesleyan's Butt B, I'm thinking of you).

Here are some top tips for greening the dorm room:

Old Paradigm: regular coffee
Easy Greening: organic, fair trade coffee

Old Paradigm: no plants
Easy Greening: Top 10 house (dorm room) plants for cleaner air

Old Paradigm: plugs everywhere, no easy way to turn off electronics
Easy Greening: Take a power strip to attach all the sundry electronics *and* easily turn them all off to reduce phantom loads (electronic devices that keep running clocks, etc., even when the power switch is turned off).

Via Treehugger