Monday, September 24, 2007

Spirituality at Work Roundup

In Ex-Employee Alleges Religious Bias in the Concord Monitor, we learn about a Christian who feels discriminated against by her workplace, which, she claims, favors gays and lesbians over Christians (and what of gay Christians? I ask). The case is now at the state Superior Court, and the article reads like a script for The Daily Show. I rather enjoyed it, and then felt guilty about it.

In the Kansas City Star, there's an editorial promoting the Employment Non-Discrimination Act quoting a recent poll that 77% of Republicans think firing someone for being gay is wrong. Again, I'll say that the United States consistently polls far more socially liberal than you would ever guess from watching the news.

In the Chicago Tribune, Employers Get Tough on Health explores the disturbing trend of employers regulating employee behavior after hours to cut health insurance costs. I'm of two minds here. On the one hand, it does tick me off that I can be healthy, normal weight, no illnesses, and have to pay an extraordinary amount for health insurance. Would this reduce my own payment (I think selfishly)? On the other hand, I get a very creepy sensation at the thought of taking a nicotine test before work. Or having my body fat measured in the workplace.

In the Sun Sentinel, Transgender Community Works to Protect Freedoms in South Florida explores how to support transgender people in the workplace at the county-wide level. This is called the potentially "broadest imprint by affording civil rights to people for their gender identity or expression." Clearly something to watch.