Saturday, September 15, 2007

"The monkey really helps build team spirit"

Led by google, some workplaces are trying to infuse fun into the workplace. Does this sound like fun?

THE attack monkey has struck again. So far the hornyheaded sock monkey has killed 45 employees at Appriver, an e-mail security firm based in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

Gulf Breeze is famous for a wave of UFO sightings in the late 1980s – but these attacks are more easily explained.

The monkey first struck three years ago after Hurricane Ivan ripped the roof off Appriver’s headquarters, forcing it to set up shop in a temporary location. Software developer Erik Forsberg used a digital camera to film his monkey – a doll made out of stuffed socks – attacking a colleague. The film was a big hit with staff and a wave of copycat killings ensued.

So far the evil monkey has killed staff members by electrocution, strangulation, poisoning, and a hit-and-run. The attack monkey finished off chief executive Michael Murdoch during a job interview. Murdoch appeared to suffer a fatal heart attack after reading the monkey’s salary requirements.

I'd like your opinion on this monkey in the workplace. Fun? Not fun? Extremely odd? Is this going on in your own workplace? Read Forget Work, let's just have fun for more "fun."