Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More Tolerance for Muslims in the Workplace

Muslims see more inclusive workplaces suggests that post 9/11 there have been considerable improvements in religious accomodation for Muslims in the workplace. Lina Sayed's story is particularly compelling in terms of her own advocacy for her needs as well as her employer's ability to hear and address her needs:

"A place to pray, that was a big thing for me," says Sayed. "But I walkedinto my boss's office and told him and he went to human resources and figuredout a place where I could pray. It's the Muslim's responsibility to expressthese things. If I hadn't told them, then I'd be sneaking in and out of conference rooms trying to find a place and people wouldn't understand what I was doing. Then you start to feel people are looking at you weird. When you're open about things and people can ask questions, it's less likely that they'll be discriminatory."
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