Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Southwest Objects to Breasts Too

Two things right off the bat:

1. These outfits aren't the sort of thing I would wear.
2. My opinion and taste regarding these outfits doesn't matter one bit.

What exactly is going on with Southwest and their supposed dress code? Yesterday, Southwest stopped another passenger, Setara Qassim, and told her to "cover herself" with a blanket. Her breasts seem to be the offending objects this time (not the entire outfit as with Kyla Ebbert). Who were the breasts offending? Another passenger? The flight attendant? And where is this supposed Southwest dress code?

I took 12 Southwest flights last summer and can vouch that many passengers were dressed for the beach with far more skin exposed than either Ebbert or Qassim. I saw underwear. I saw butt cracks. I saw cleavage. What's more some folks smelled, some folks were extremely loud, and some folks were drunk. Nothing happened to any of these people. So why does Southwest seem intent on jumping on the shaming-women-bypolicing-their-attire bandwagon? And who makes the decision about how much skin (or how tight) is too much?

This is complete and utter nonsense from the airline that used to advertise its primary attraction as flight attendants in hot pants.

Via Feministing