Friday, September 28, 2007

Spirituality at Work Roundup

Ageism 'endemic' in workplace explores ageism in Great Britain, some of which seems related to mandatory retirement at 65 and a three-tier minimum wage system. The article uses two interesting examples of supposed discrimination, "A third of those questioned had seen people being managed differently depending on their age, while 30% were aware of an older person getting paid more than a younger one for doing the same job," which aren't necessarily discrimination in my opinion (they certainly could be, but not necessarily as they're written).

Top Vatican official calls for women's rights in tourism industry recounts a letter Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone wrote calling for equal rights for women in the tourism industry and denouncing sex tourism. (I might have split those issues into two separate letters.)

Signature effort to repeal gay rights is too close to call describes the repeal effort in Oregon for one law prohibiting discrimination in the workplace and in housing and one law establishing same-sex domestic partnerships. It's unclear if there are the (just about) 60,000 signatures needed for the repeals to qualify for the November ballot.

Sexual harassment at workplaces describes sexual harassment in Pakistan, including by text messages. The struggle in Pakistan, as it is described in the article, is between the current laws and the attitudes. One of the justifications for decreasing discrimination is that the women's "productivity" is diminished when they are harassed.