Thursday, September 27, 2007

Spirituality at Work Roundup

In Pregnant High-Flyer Demoted to Penpusher, we learn about a Scottish accountant who trained a temporary assistant for while she was on maternity leave and returned from leave to find the temp promoted over her and herself demoted to filing for the temp. She was awarded a relatively small settlement. I'd skip reading the comments on the article.

In Pagan Organization Offers A Welcoming Setting, we learn about a non-exclusionary pagan organization on a Connecticut campus. Which campus? I can't tell you from my perusal of the article. Kudos to you if you can. The organization sounds like a fine place.

In Hope Rises as Faith Grows on Campus, we learn about a survey conducted by UCLA found that, "that 79 percent of freshmen surveyed said they believed in God, and 69 percent said they pray. And, though a whopping 81 percent said that they have attended a religious service, 64 percent believe that "most people can grow spiritually without being religious." The article goes on to parse the language a bit, which is interesting. If you're interested in Gen Y spirituality and religion trends, I'd read this article.

In Mexican maquila workers need your help to fight for unions, we learn that the worker-leaders of a movement in favor of unions in their garment factory have all been fired. There's a letter you can send/email to those in charge. I also see an advertisement for Ethical Threads on the site.

Internet Law-Internet Hate Speech explores the legalities of, among other issues, hate speech in the workplace. California law supports employers firing employees who use hate speech in the workplace.