Sunday, September 16, 2007

Week in Review

We have a new quiz to the right. Confess your office supply sins here. Anonymously, please. I'd like to compare data gathered here to some other data, but first I need data. :)

This week, we explored the trend of play in the workplace in The Monkey Really Builds Team Spirit and then play in the natural world in Play During the Workday.

We discussed praise in the workplace (be specific), how to be thorough in a critique, and a number of approaches to criticism in the workplace.

We discussed gossip in the workplace by defining the problem (or attempting to), and an example of gossip. More to come with gossip.

In Too Much to Bare and Southwest Objects to Breasts Too, we learned more about the conflicting messages to women about appropriate attire in the workplace (and out of the workplace). Take it off! Cover it up! No! Yes! No! It's enough to drive a sane woman to use Nair.

Speaking of which, my corporate disgust grew just a bit with Nair, which has chosen the middle schoolers as a target for their "first hair removal experience." And then Toys R Us let me know that it's looking out for me.

And, on a personal note, we had a CD release party for my husband, which is our first attempt to honor our artistic achievements rather than waiting for corporate America to notice.

And if you haven't read the feel good story of the week about bullying in schools, you should. It's about high school kids standing up to bigoted bullies. Love that. We should all take notes.