Saturday, September 22, 2007

Week in Review

We began the week discussing codes of ethics, including a rather basic one proposed for scientists in GB. Only one person, David, articulated a code of ethics in his workplace, and I'm afraid that was winks and nods. Speaking of ethics, later in the week, we learned that people think that "steal" has an unclear denotation. I'm still processing that one. Possibly on stolen Post-It notes with stolen pens.

We continued to discuss gossip in the workplace. At least I did.

Maryanne and I identified painfully with a quote from Didion on alienation from the self. Just say no to requests for more of your time. I'm trying.

Comrade Kevin and I agreed that the Transgender Job Expo is a step in the right direction, and wished for a couple more steps too.

Southwest Airlines gave the world's lamest apology. Hot flashes. Ha, ha. That's so funny, Southwest.

I began to see that my paranoia about the End of Times (a.k.a End of Civilization as I Know It) has actually a great deal of basis in fact (petroleum geology, at least). Peak Oil is the idea that we have already peaked in terms of how much oil we can extract and it's all downhill from here, kids.

We discussed the prevalence of slave labor in the United States, slackers in general, and we have an author comment by John Bowes!

In Negotiating Religious Accomodation we discussed how to get what you want in terms of religious accomodation in the workplace without getting canned. I appointed Chalice Chick the official lawyer-in-training on the issue. She didn't object.

The Neglected Children Posts (in which no one commented and I wondered if I just bored you):

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