Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What Happens When Creative People Work in Corporate Structures for Too Long

It's possible that I enjoy the creative subversion of the corporate machinery a tad too much. Periodically when I work on a product, I'll notice that say part of it looks a bit phallic (e.g., like the giant penis that was supposed to teach kids math---it was supposed to look like a stand up skateboard). And then I'll have a dilemma: How can I tell the client that their primary image looks like a penis? I have to admit that most often I just don't say a word, mostly because I haven't been hired to critique the design.

I can only assume that something similar happen with the Harry Potter broomstick with "grooved stick and handle for easy riding."

We know this is intentional on someone's part, right? It's not like you can accidentally create a vibrator. You can, however, create one as part of your strategy to survive the workday and then see how far you can get into production before someone notices. And I checked snopes to see if this was an urban legend, and it's not listed.

Via Feministing (again)