Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wisconsin Legislates Withholding Care for Rape Survivors

Yar.* While I cautiously respect the right of medical staff not to personally distribute Plan B to rape survivors because of religious reasons, eliminating the option entirely is totally offensive to me. Two-thirds of state hospitals in Wisconsin do not currently provide Plan B, over the counter emergency contraception, to rape victims. And now a bill would exempt hospitals from civil liability for withholding care from rape victims. It's one thing to have a nurse swapped for another because one objects to dispensing Plan B. It's another thing to withhhold care entirely. That's repugnant.

On a separate and broader note, if you do not want to be pregnant, you should probably have Plan B at home because it is far more difficult to get than any other over the counter medicine. Skip trying to get it at Wal-Mart. Here it is for $40 at

*Talk like a Pirate Day