Thursday, September 06, 2007

Working at Hollister

Sigh. Apparently this is the second post in a series: Talk to your teenager about her after-school job. And, suggest avoiding Hollister as a first retail experience. Here is the tale of the opening of a test-market Hollister store in the Midwest:

It wasn't until the days before we opened to the public that everything changed: The Douche informed us he would have to approve the outfits we wore on the job. We had to pay for all our clothes, but in order to qualify for the discount, he had to approve our purchases first. The approval process consisted of parading in front of him and subjecting ourselves to his critiques and suggestions as to how to make our clothes 'hotter" -- like cutting the necklines to make our V-necks lower, or buying jeans in a size or two smaller.

The Douche, of course, is the store manager. And it gets worse. It is really important to talk to adolescents about their experiences at work and not assume that all is peachy keen because they're too young to deal with adult challenges in the workplace. You might find the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) a good resource for basic information about sexual harassment.