Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Travel Tips

I'm finishing up my work day on a business trip, and settling in for the night in the hotel. I've decided that I really only have one item that I need with me on a business trip. And that's....(drum roll, please, and look to the photo) a hot pot.

I need to have tea regularly or I become anxious. And the tea needs to be brewed with boiling water. This isn't negotiable. It doesn't need to be caffeinated tea, but it does need to be hot. And those hot plates in hotel rooms don't really do hot. They do warm.

If I have tea, I don't even care that my second suit doesn't match (How can I own a tan blazer and tan pants that don't match? I thought they did. I thought they were a matched set. But no.)

What items are essential for you to feel good when you travel?