Friday, April 06, 2007

High Deductible Health Plans

Do you have a high deductible health plan? I do. So does my husband. It was the only way we could afford health insurance as self-employed people. This type of plan basically guarantees that we don't see the doctor unless we're really sick or for very basic preventative care. Nothing in between. I call it bankruptcy insurance, because it somewhat protects us from an enormous bill from long-term hospitalization, which would probably lead us to bankruptcy as it does with many others.

I always thought this sort of plan was for the self-employed, but apparently many employers are shifting to high deductible plans to save money. Because women require more routine care, including pap smears, and mammograms, women shoulder a greater portion of the financial burden. In fact, adult women 18 to 64 pay $1000 more a year in routine costs than men. And with a high deductible plan, that's all out of pocket.

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