Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pass the Scholarship, Please

Or just one journal article.

Or just the mere mention of "brown bag" and its connotations.*

I've been reading the various posts* on the phrase "brown bag" at Starr King and whether it's racist to use it or overly sensitive (or politically correct) to admonish its use. And I would like to see some documentation that the phrase "brown bag" in reference to lunches or simply in reference to itself is racist. I took an excellent class called "Language Prejudice in the United States" at Smith, and know that there is plenty of scholarship on language prejudice. So if you know where I can find an actual article or mention of the phrase "brown bag," in relation to racism, please let me know. Because I've looked.*

I am a life-long UU, former seminarian, current writer with a strong interest in language, but I'm a little disturbed that this entire discussion has gone on without an actual source (a visitor to Starr King?) and any actual documentation of past or present racist connotations. Surely something must exist. Could it enter into the discussion? Please.*

*Original post here from the UUA. Related posts by Peacebang here and here, Andy here, Fausto here, Chalice Chick here, and Rev Sean here.

*Read the comments for more discussion.